Regulations on the use of Borax and Borax containing Mixtures in the EU

Since 2010 Boric Acid, Boron Oxide and Disodiumtetraborat are classified as toxic to reproduction – H 361 Repr. 2 and labeled with GHS 08 (corpus) according to the EU Regulation 1272/2008

Mixtures containing Boric Acid, Boron Oxide or Disodiumtetraborat must be labeled in the same way as these substances themselves if the amount in the mixture is exceeding the following limits:

Since these Boron compounds have been added to the SVHC list, producers or importers are required to notify their customers of the presence in mixtures higher than 0,1 %. The compliance with Article 33 can be assured by adding the SVHC Substance in Section 3 in the SDS.

For Germany the current occupational exposure limit values for boric acid and sodium borates are set out in the TRGS 900 Regulations which can be viewed (in German) using the following link.

For regulations in other countries you should contact the relevant Governmental Health and Safety Body.

At Traxit we have been working for some time to meet this challenge and have already developed several boron free products. In order to protect our workers and our customers, Traxit has decided to remove all borates from its dry lubricant range.

On this website you will find our latest developments in lubricants and coatings totally free from boron compounds.


Boric Acid

(CAS 10043-35-3)
C = 5,5 %

Boron Oxide

CAS 1303-86-2)
C = 3,1 %

Disodiumtetraborat waterfree

(CAS 1330-43-4)
C = 4,5 %

Borax Decahydrat

(CAS 1303-96-4)
C = 8,5 %

Borax Pentahydrat

C = 6,5 %


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